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 *New Client Rates*

This is best of both worlds, it includes using a manual blade to create hairstrokes and machine shading to create a more fuller natural look. This is popular for individuals with sparse hair but still want a microbladed look. 

This process gives a powder in brow look. No hairstrokes are created with this procedure. This is great option for all skin types and for clients who have sparse to no hair, and also great for clients who have fuller hair as well. 

This process uses a manual blade to create hair like strokes. This is perfect for clients who already have full brows to begin with, but want to fill in small gaps or just to enhance them. 

This creates a  beautiful lip tint that enhances the natural shape of your lips & gives them a perfect boost of color and the illusion of fuller lips. This will not give you a lipstick look. It is perfect for someone who wants to add a little bit of color to their pale lips.

This process fills in all the gaps in between your lashes to create an illusion of fuller and thicker looking lashes without giving you an eyeliner look. Some people might call it just a tight-line look.

This treatment creates the look of added volume and fullness by combing the brow hairs over sparse areas to create the fluffy brow look. Only for clients who have medium to full brows already. Not recommended for clients who have very sparse to no hair. 

This is a saline removal process to remove a previous microblading work. This treatment is only effective for microbladed eyebrows and not an actually tattooed brow. This process can only remove what’s on the superficial epidermis layer of the skin and nothing deeper. To have a tattoo brow removed laser tattoo removal may be your best option.

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